Thursday, April 12, 2012

blood bowl <=> warhammer quest

While I was rooting through one of my many boxes full of miniatures - looking for the prize to award for best "painted" goblin in the GHAG contest over at Merry Mayhem News - I came across a couple old 2nd edition blood bowl humans.  At this point I remembered something about a warhammer quest character in one of the citadel journals that was a blood bowl player.  I went and looked it up and all the equipment he has is a "spiked shoulder pad" - which both of these models have.  I will definitely paint one of them up to be that character, but am undecided which one I should use.
So please help me out and use the voting panel on the right, and select either the "blocker" (top) or "chucker" (bottom) that you think I should use as the blood bowl player warhammer quest character.  This won't be a rush but it will mean I leave him sitting on the painting desk for those times where I am sick of whatever batch work I am in the middle of.


Paul of the Man Cave said...

I have both these figs in my Human team the "Cerberus Slayers", and use them both as Blitzers. I think the top one would work best in W.Quest

Axtklinge said...

Can you feed us any other clues about the this warhammer quest character? Both minis are cool, one is just a lot more dynamic than the other.

Tristan M said...

basically his attack is a blitz. he can keep moving and attacking as long as he has movement points.

that's about it.

Axtklinge said...

Oh well, not much help there either.
Go with the first one then, he looks 'meaner' then the chucker!
Besides he's got that - Are you talking to me, punk? - expression on his face!!

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