Tuesday, April 17, 2012

new blood bowl team.. a team of many guises

Just a quick pic for now.  I have more work to do as well as a star player that isn't even primed yet that needs to be ready for saturday (technically friday night) for the upcoming Challenge of Q'ermitt tournament. It's a league style tournament with cash, SPP and injuries/deaths carrying on, so the roster is much more challenging to develop than usual.

This is the black widows team from Impact Miniatures.  I have enough figs and positional pieces that this team could be played as amazons, humans, norse and even wood elves.  Most frequently they will be used as amazons or norse.  Amazons don't really need anything special, just enough positionals (though I have a figure for Bertha Bigfist, Zara the Slayer and Roxanna Darknail).  Norse require a yeti (female snow troll was a perfect choice once I decided on the reggae theme - with the dreads) as well as 2 ulfwereners (using the dryads - they are a bit skinny so hopefully the 30mm base helps convey ST4) and I have a converted star player I will post up about once I have a bit of paint on her.


AbraxiS said...

Frikking nice.When i saw them this music came to my head: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFtLONl4cNc

Pass the dutchie mmmaaaaannnn :P


Paul of the Man Cave said...

So are they sponsored by "Cool Runnings"? :-)

Mik said...

Your Blood Bowl-fu has always impressed and inspired me. This is one of those teams I've had my eyes on for a while, but didn't consider how many teams they could stand in for.

Tristan M said...

AbraxiS: It took me forever to figure out how to paint them, mostly because I hated the thought of different coloured hair - but all in the same style. So I flipped it around with all black hair and various skin tones.

Paul: Actually when I run them as Amazons, I will be calling the team "Cool Blodgings" :D As Norse I need to go a bit more adult and I call them Ganja Girls - with the dreads on the female snow troll and the fact the ulf/dryads are actually morphing into pot the reference needed to be a bit more direct.

Mik: I always wanted an all female team (I just wanted them in skimpy outfits! :D ) but after some thought, I figured out how multi-purpose they could be. I suppose they could even count as Pro Elves, I think that's the end of the line though. I have the Greebo treewoman as well for when counting as woodies, and I'm sure the figs I have for Zara/Roxanna could count as other star players available to Wood Elves.

Axtklinge said...

That's a cool looking team!
I foresee them playing in very misty/foggy pitches...
...with Bob Marley tunes in the background!

I am (well used to be), a huge fan of "having teams that could play for several different races" kind of approach, but later I've found out that 'it' got in the way of getting my hands on even more minis (and more lovely teams) so I've ended up putting 'it' aside.

Back to the topic, can´t wait to see those stars!

Tristan M said...

Haha, I know what you mean. After buying this team I had a great idea for a wood elves team that will probably sit on the back burner until I have played woodies more.

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