Friday, April 20, 2012

Challenge of Q'ermitt 2012 + promised star player

Just a quick post today, sorry it has taken so long but this week has been stupid busy.  Here is the star player I promised - a female version of Boomer Eziasson, the dwarf bombardier.  Norse teams can take Boomer, so I needed a version for my Ganja Girls as they are termed when played as norse.  This is a dwarven cheerleader with her beer stein converted to a giant grenade, and a hammer removed from the other hand.  Paint job is pretty similar to all the rest of the team, which means currently they are pretty much just basecoated.  I hope to have time to spruce them up a bit before Zlurpeebowl.
boomerette eziasson
I'll also run down my list for Q'ermitt - quickly the rules are 1,250TV with up to 150 spent on skills.  It's a league style format, so you gain cash, SPP and injuries count (hence my apothecary).  You can purchase star players as part of your team and if you do, they don't have the "Loner" skill (sweet!).  Any player with purchased skill(s) starts with the appropriate SPP and star players start with a predetermined value based on the piece (for Boomer it's 16 SPP) and YES, star players can gain further skill upgrades!  

So my list is;

Yeti with Mighty Blow
2 Ulfwereners/Dryads with Block
2 Berserkers, one with Guard
Thrower with Leader
Runner with Dodge
4 Lino's
2 Rerolls

I decided on bringing Boomerette (or is Boomeretta better/betta? lol) because;

  1. it's only 10K more than a standard norse lineman.
  2. comes with Block so not losing any skill the lineman would have.
  3. also has AV9 + thick skull, so worst case a line-scrub who can take a beating better than the norse line-scrubs.
  4. adds a whole new element with the bombs (also, has accurate which means except for a long bomb, only fumbles on a 1 - when all you want to do is land near opponents, who cares if it's inaccurate!)
Wish me luck, hopefully I can buy an extra reroll and/or another runner quickly!


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Nice model and great list - I agree that Boomerette is well worth the points, but use her early!

Good Luck!!!

Axtklinge said...

Sounds like a very strong list!
I might consider the use of Tackle as you'll probably face a few dodgers.
(Strip Ball could be interesting but there will be Sure Hands for sure so it might limitate its use.)
Just curious, why Guard on the Berserker and not on a regular lino?

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