Saturday, May 14, 2011

Minis painted by others and for others...

Following up on posting the pics of the prize from the second GWpertinent contest, now that Dave @ mini painting for free has completed Lead Painters League season five, that means he had a moment to snap a couple pics of a mini I painted for him earlier this year.  Silly me forgot to take any pics before I packed her up for shipment so I haven't had anything to show you guys.  The request was for a fire aspect so she needed to have lots of red, though I didn't want to just simply paint her armour red.
the dragonblooded - on her own
There are a couple techniques I tried out on this mini for the first time, I wanted to try a wash + drybrush technique to make the armour look fire-y without actually being all red - and am quite pleased with how it turned out.  It was basically just a golden yellow colour with a heavy red wash, which I then drybrushed the same golden yellow over.  Where the wash is in the crevasses is more red, with a orange tinge leading up to the drybrush which was very light to bring the yellow back. 

The second is her red hair, since the armour didn't have a lot of actual red and since anything with a fire aspect always seems to have red eyes and red hair I thought it would do a good job of reinforcing the fire aspect.  I drybrushed a coppery colour over the base red, and then used a couple coats of baal red wash to tinge it red again. I don't feel the pics do it justice as I was really impressed with how "ginger" it looked - maybe Dave can comment to this effect?
here she is taking on some frog-men
I tracked my progress on painting some figs for him last year over at Weekly Minis. I figure not everyone has seen everything I've painted that I posted there so why not throw a few extra pics into this post.  Here's the first mini I painted for Dave - I can't remember the sculpt but I remember saying "hell send me a cowboy" and he did! You can see the original Weekly Minis post here. I tried to keep it very simple, using only devlan mud as the wash to try and unify the tones. I also used my bleached bone/gryphonne sepia sand technique for his base.
never painted a cowboy before!
The second fig I painted was an anarchist for a RPG campaign Dave had going on. There's also a post with more pics about him over at Weekly Minis.  I didn't want him to look too evil, so I used some neutral greens and browns for his clothing - but I had to give him a black cloak.  There is more info on how I painted him over at Weekly Minis.
the anarchist
Finally if you missed out on the posts of minis that Dave painted for me, you can find the Genestealer Patriarch @mini painting for free & an Eldar Harlequin @mini painting for free which are both WIP.  There is a post with finished pics @mini painting for free as well as @GWpertinent.

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