Thursday, December 11, 2008

2HD Blood Bowl league - day 2

There's no update for day 1 as I missed it.

Showed up pretty early day 2, but only got in a game & a half (we aren't timing our turns - yet).

I've learned I need to be a little more patient to actually score. I lost the first game 0-3, though I did cause 2 casualties - one a broken collarbone! (w00t!), and the second game am losing 0-1 at the half (with one casualty caused). I have no problem with causing the opposition problems - however lack of a second thrower is causing some issues. Definitely one of my first purchases coming up.

I tend to cause more damage with black orcs & blitzers than my troll. I think I'll start leaving the troll to lynch pin an area with only linemen for support.

My goblin has done a total of two actions in both games, both fouls, both snake eyes. Yet somehow he won MVP for the first game. LOL!

The inducement cards are fun, but I find only the expensive one's can really impact the game - the cheaper one's really require circumstances to be beneficial.

1 comment:

eriochrome said...

Good to see that someplace in North America you can find a blood bowl league. I do not know if I can get a game in the Metro Detroit area.

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