Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update - Badlandz Deff Ramz

Great news! My new hobby store hangout Two Headed Dragon is starting a Blood Bowl league!
Come by every Wednesday after 5pm to participate.

In preparation I started (well more like re-started) to get some additional orc team players modeled up and painted (still in primer only). Can anyone tell where the catcher pose gobbo is from? (See below)

So here's the list with '99 Rams names/jersey #'s, including the newcomers - any ideas for what number I should give Varag? I was thinking just #1.

#? Varag Ghoulchewer Star Player
10 Kut Warn'r Thrower
23 Deffin Bush Black Orc
27 Meat Bow'in Black Orc
33 Jabbin Watsun Blitzer
28 Mashall Folk Blitzer
16 Maul Justen Thrower
49 Chop Loois Lineman
54 Turd Callin's Lineman
58 Spike Morten Lineman
83 Crush Tomass Lineman
91 Des'Troy Pelshak Lineman
32 Dread Bly't Lineman
93 Kill'in Carver Troll
80 I'sic Brawl Goblin
88 Torry Holt Goblin

and here are some close ups of some of the newcomers.


Troll front & back

That's right - an autogun gretchin from 40K 2nd edition.

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