Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Novamarines - starting to look like an army!!

This army is comprised of;
AoBR set
AoBR WD Terminator
1 of each Scout box (needed more troops)
1 Librarian
1 Extra snap together marine
Some palm tree bits from 3rd edition box for the extra scout.
The deathwatch marine I made with bits I already had, though I did purchase a deathwatch conversion kit with the Crusade Army in mind.

If I max everything out including using Tigurius and Telion 'counts as' it comes out to 1381 points. I think that's quite impressive considering the low amount of money I put into it (which of course just funds the next project ;) ). I plan to scratchbuild a couple drop pods as the angular design should keep it fairly simple, but that's about all I plan to include for these guys, the Novamarines are not supposed to have fought together as a chapter for millenia. With the addition of an extra model to each squad, I've given the army major flexibility in it's composition per game.

Gonna have to get cracking on the drop pods, as the Tale of 2HD Gamers finishes in two months - and my goal was to use the competition as the timeline to FINISH my Novamarines. I think having the first chapter in the crusade army done will be great motivation to keep at it.

Here's a pic of everything minus 5 scouts who I still need to work on their GS camo cloaks and a libby who I need to convert to have a force staff.

Terminators including bonus AoBR termie from WD converted with Heavy Flamer (in progress) as well as objective marker.

The ranged scouts. Bolter with GW camo cloak body can be used as regular bolter scout, sergeant with bolter or Telion.

Some close ups of the crawling scout I made with the extra body. Not the best but definitely gave me some ideas for other stuff.

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Siph_Horridus said...

Hi, thought i'd check out your blog after your comments on Weemen. Just had to check out the 11th scout. From what i can see, good job. Place a white background behind or process your phots using 'picasa' (free) and you'll be able to show them off a lot better even if the photo is done in poor light. Thats what I did.

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