Monday, December 1, 2008

More Novamarines.. Tactical Squad and Dreadnought

OK, i'm back with some photos/updates.

Some tactical squad shots.. I tried to use model parts to unify these guys. For eg. all the bolters have either a scope if they go in the ranged/heavy combat squad or straps if they go in the close/special combat squad. Have one extra bolter guy and with the deathwatch sergeant could actually take as 2 5 man squads (no special/heavys).

All (aka options)

Close range (flamer + straps) with DW sgt.

Long range (missile launcher + scopes) w AoBR Sgt.

A painted shot of the deathwatch guy. Still to highlight armour and do power sword plus last bit of heraldry.

Plus a couple pics of the dreadnought. I especially like the crushed tree under his left foot.

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