Monday, December 22, 2008

Crusade Army... more deathwatch marines

Something else I've been working on as I get the bits delivered is the deathwatch marines for other chapters. These have mostly been done to confirm I like the look of the particular bits I've decided will be standard across the chapter (it's worked so well for the Space Sharks, I wanna continue making really unified looking marine chapters)

Up on the dock (these guys are all nearly complete - will get pics up soon);
  • Salamanders marine with Flamer. Uses MK4 helmets. This guy has a forgeworld terminator salamanders shoulder pad (which works for deathwatch in power armour) - as well as a custom converted Nocturne pattern flamer. I figure I can always use an extra flamer in a Sallies army. ;) This guy might need a magnet to allow for a jump pack.
  • Iron Knights marine with Power Axe. These guys all have MK8 torsos with the collar and will only use MK3 helmets. Additionally they will all have studded shoulder pads and the chapter symbol on a little terminator shield. (I think the pose I managed on this guy is great!)
  • Executioners marine with Plasma Gun. I gave the Executioners the plasma gunner as the old Badab War fluff has their bonus unit being 5 marines with 2 plasma guns. He's very basic right now - as I kinda wanted these guys on the edge of heresy, to be used as either loyalist or heretic marines. I need to figure out what extra kit to give him that I can paint in the same camo pattern so he ties in with chapter. Every Executioner model will have the bare torso with skull (ie. no aquilas) and I plan to remove any purity seals on the models.
  • Mantis Warrior marine with Sniper Rifle. I was originally going to give this guy just the standard deathwatch bolter - however the old Badab War fluff has the Mantis Warriors getting a squad of marines with sniper rifles. I know they treat the deathwatch bolter as good enough for sniping, but I can't envision a Kill Team without a sniper?? I can always use this guy as a sergeant for a scout squad with sniper rifle (Telion too!), or use as a 'counts as' Vindicare assassin, or build a whole combat squad of marines with sniper rifles just for fluffiness.

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