Monday, December 1, 2008

More Space Sharks... Tactical squad 1 built, Tactical squad 2 nearly built

Now have the command squad and two tactical squads pretty much built.
2 guys in the 2nd tac squad need old RT001 beakie heads (one incoming) and I need one more scrolled/cmdr shoulder pad for the guy landing from jumping the fence in the second squad.
Other than that I just need to fix the a RT001 beakie heads in the first tac squad and the cmd squad champion to add some neck.
Few more bits/bobs for the tac squads (grenades, ammo & stuff)

Tac1 running squad

Tac1 standing squad

Tac1 guy leaping wall closeups

Tac2 running squad

Tac2 standing squad

Other features;
  • obviously all beakies. been lucky with getting some old RT001's so am trying to keep a ratio of 1 in 5 with older style beakies.
  • only SM/CSM torsos with tubing (one of either of two torsos only)
  • only older style backpacks (from like 2nd ed. - they just look more aquatic)
  • went with the scrolled/raised circle shoulder pad for chapter pad - will paint the raised circle white and put decals on. "first in, last out" motto on the scroll.
  • some older shoulder mount version heavy weapons.
  • trying to really unify the look, so everyone from Tac squad 1 will have all kinds of extra kit (ammo, 'nades, bolt pistol), everyone from Tac 2 will just have a small ammo/'nade pack on the right leg, everyone from other squads will get the same little items across the squad as well.
combat squads I tried to make obvious.
- special weapon & sergeant have tactical legs, but the other three have running legs.
- heavy weapon all have tac (ie no running) legs, one guy helps carry extra heavy ammo.

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