Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 tidbits pt2

Here's the last couple bits I did in December last year.

First up is my Pit Fighter for warhammer quest. I decided since I wanted to paint his clothing a very beige colour that maybe it would be a good idea/opportunity to paint him with a darker flesh tone. It was only then that I realized this would make my only "black" mini a slave :\ not good! Since then I did the pyromaniac "shaft" character to balance things out until my Salamanders get some paint.

Second is an objective that I had built a while ago, and was primed black. I decided one day to quickly just get it painted. I ended up basing it to match my Crimson Fists bases. I intend to have three (20mm, 25mm, 40mm) objectives for each chapter.


The Herald of Discord said...

So THAT is what his weapon is supposed to look like. I have that model and always wondered why mine was carrying a stick :P

Thats what you get for recieving free second hand miniatures I guess.

Tristan said...

LOL! I guess you should pick up a flaggelant's weapon or something to make him useful.

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