Wednesday, January 27, 2010

40K in 40 minutes @ Heroes World #2

Today was the second 40k in 40 minutes tournament at Heroes. World. I was there early enough to play a couple of testing games, in one I had an easy time killing off Matts 'nids, but got thoroughly smoked by Mike and his IG (2 vet squads in chimeras + a hydra), so I swapped a couple heavy bolters for a melta & ml. I ended up going with 5 scouts (no cloaks), snipers & missile launcher, 7 sternguard with a meltagun and heavy bolter, a razorback and landspeeder typhoon with heavy bolter.

Game 1: Unfortunate a bit I think, but I was paired against Matt again - Pitched Battle/Annihilation. He'd swapped a unit of hormagaunts for the new "reveal" genestealers. Some more unlucky dice and I was able to again focus on his hq/elites and wipe them out before his reserves had arrived. Win 1.

Game 2: Was against Andrew with his Tau - Spearhead/C&C. Some luck was on my side as Andrew couldn't get more than a crew stunned result on my vehicles all game. Still I think he forgot my razorback could contest his objective, as he blasted the rest of my army apart except for my scouts sitting on my objective - if he had focused on the rhino it would've been the draw he was playing for. Win 2.

Game3: Was against Kyle and his Space Wolves, Pitched Battle/King of the Hill. This was a tight game, but I made the crucial mistake of going for a melta shot on his razorback (and missing), putting my sternguard in the range of his flamers. We ran out of time, I had an immobilized/weapon razorback closer to the middle than his guys but it was obvious with only 2 scouts all the rest another turn would've seen him win. Loss 1

Game 4: Against Josh and his 'nids - Dawn of War/3 objectives. Quite similar army to Matt's, I began focusing on his hq/elite again. His hormagaunts charged my retreating scouts, about 5 of them got into combat. 4 wounds caused and I saved them all. Caused a few wounds in return and he failed them all. When his "reveal" genestealers finally arrived (turn 4!) it was too little too late, then did manage to kill most of the sternguard, but the rest of my army shot them to bits. Win 3.

Much better than last time. My fortunes reversed (from 1-3 to 3-1), I placed third, with the same record as Kyle & Rahul, but Kyle beat me and Rahul beat Kyle.

Another really great fun night hosted at Heroes World. I don't think there were any pics taken this time - though some people have some really nice looking armies.


eriochrome said...

Sounds like fun. I have only played 1 game of 40K in 40 minutes and it was pretty good. Had a biker squad shoot up then charge some genestealers but lost the combat when the powerfist sergeant wiffed.

My local store has not run any events recently. This might be a suggestion since even 4 games will not take all day like 3 normal games would.

Tristan said...

We play 4 games from 6 to 9 so definitely not all day :)

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