Monday, January 25, 2010

Necromunda in the New Year

Saturday I had my buddy Mike over to get started on Necromunda in 2010. I suppose it had been nearly a month since we had played so I was definitely itching for some action. Here is the main board section, including the firebase I've recently gotten assembled (will get some nicer pics of the firebase when I get it based) and I tried to make that a focal point of the table.
Because.... I'd read on Eastern Fringe about an idea of using Space Hulk tiles in Necromunda, so we decided to give it a go. To keep things nice and simple, we counted each square as an inch and every square of a section hit by a template weapon counts as a hit. Here's a close-up of the firebase and the "access points" (2 "escape hatches" from the Imperial Strongpoint box I picked up recently, and the 2 card/bulkhead entrances)
This is the Space Hulk layout we used. Added four ladder counters to mark where the "access points" from above were. For simplicity we just said it cost 3" of movement to get down the ladder, same as any other ladder on the surface.
Decided since the Space Hulk tiles added complexity and also (mostly) because my camera battery was dying to not record pics for a battle report. I'll try to give you a gist of the two games though.

Game 1 was scavengers, we each started on an edge away from the firebase and the underground. I got pretty badly mauled in this game, none of my gang even made it into the tunnels, so Mike made off with all the loot (straight creds for his outlaw gang) and a huge bonus for my gangs massive gang rating. Everything went perfectly for Mike except that he rolled "captured" for his leader's serious injury. I had a wandering doc as my event card so my gang mostly escaped with minimal injuries.

Game 2 was the rescue mission. A bit of a grindhouse for both gangs. I started with his leader underground. He ended up freeing his leader, but I shot or carved up the rest of his gang as they tried to make a getaway, so he bottled. My gang still took a bunch of serious injuries, but I decided to risk my Archeotech Hoard with 4d6, and rolled 3, 4, 5, and 6. I had to sell a couple items but ended up with enough creds to pick up another Heavy armed with a Plasma Gun. A juve died, but another was recruited from my two settlements so I now have 16 models in my gang and every single Escher mini I own is in use (WYSIWYG too, except for a single model with chainsword/plasma pistol who really has a sword/needle pistol). Mike's been getting some good advances, but had to save all his creds because he's going to have to re-host his daemonhost after the next game for sure.

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