Monday, January 25, 2010

WHFB escalation league @ HSG - week 3

I missed week 2 of the WHFB escalation league up at my parents cottage last week. Everyone else showed up so I couldn't make up any games. This week I still seemed behind the list curve with my Orcs & Goblins compared to the other lists there. My list included night goblin shaman and archers with nets (which I forgot to use) and fanatics, a unit of big un's with magic standard, two units of wolf riders (one has a 1 hit Wonda big boss), 3 trolls led by a goblin big boss with horn of urgok (too situational) and two spear chukkas.
After getting spanked by magic last time, I brought a banner to give me bonus dispel dice. I had no problems with people's magic, but this week it was monsters who were carrying the day - there was a dragon, 2 armies with hydra's, a stegadon, a skaven abomination, etc. I had 3 trolls now that we could select a rare choice.

First game was against a kid with Vampire Counts. Honestly if he'd dared to do anything with his blood knights he would've killed me, my army wasn't too bad on the animosity/stupidity tests this game - only my trolls failed to do any damage to his Grave Guard when they charged and we got stuck in a combat that took all game. It ended in a draw.

Second game against Michael's Dark Elves. I thought I had this game in the bag after my fanatics killed four dark riders and then four cold one riders, and I had his hydra in fleeing in charge range of both my general + trolls and my wolf riders with 1 hit Wonda big boss. Well the trolls failed their stupidity roll (I forgot about moving up 3" but I think they were outta range anyways) and then my Wonda big boss hit 3 times (at S10) and I rolled triple 1's to wound. Turning point of the game and Mike's last couple cold one riders wiped out nearly the rest of my army while his Hydra took out the trolls and wolf riders.

Third game against Dave's Skaven. Dave had the abomination, and my army pretty much just failed to do what I needed at the right time (animosity, yay!). Had a very fun game against Dave, I think I had the most laughs from my armies ridiculous-ness out of any WHFB game I've had there yet. My spear chukkas were stars, one shooting a spear that pierced every rank of his clanrat unit (5 ranks!). Fanatics failed to do much and animosity struck with the Wonda big boss led wolf rider unit yet again (they squabbled at least 6 or 7 times that day - obviously the rest of the mob knew that big boss wrn't nuthin' spesul)

So.. a draw and two losses. Back to the drawing board with the list, since it's escalation and your armies are supposed to be painted (or at least progressing) I plan to stick with my foolhardy Orcs & Goblins and I'll get a win with them yet!

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