Sunday, January 10, 2010

WHFB escalation league @ HSG - week 1

Heavy Support Games started up their WHFB escalation league today. Started at 750 points, I brought my Orcs & Goblins, a large unit of night goblin archers, a large unit of orc big un's and a couple spear chukkas led by a night goblin shaman.

Got completely smoked!! First game was against a tzeentch daemon army, 30 flamers & 2 heralds. Game over by turn 3, and regardless it probably would've been over anyways, I failed every animosity test so my army stood there and got wasted. Second game was against Ogres. My fanatics caused some major damange, but I screwed up a rule and chose not to charge, pulling defeat from the jaws of a draw. Game three was against a lizardman army, a stegadon and a ton of skirmishing skinks. My shaman killed a ton of skinks, but then his regiment fled off the board, I even killed his stegadon, but his last unit of skinks kept circling and double-tapping my big un's.

On the plus side with all the spare time I had I finished up a couple handgunners for my mordheim talebheim warband. +2 painting points... woot!

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