Thursday, January 14, 2010

40K in 40 minutes @ Heroes World.

Heroes World had it's first 40K in 40 minutes tournament last night. Basically it's Combat Patrol, 400 points, no 2+ saves, no models >2 wounds (except 1 hq could have 3W), vehicles armour (front + side + rear) <=33, no special characters.

It was a total blast, we had 14 players, everyone played 4 games. I fielded 5 tactical marines, 6 sternguard w fist and heavy bolter, razorback w tl heavy bolters and a landspeeder typhoon with heavy bolter.

1st game: Was against Cameron and his wolves; pack of grey hunters (2 x meltagun), rhino, pack of 3 long fangs (2 x ml), razorback w tl heavy bolters and a landspeeder typhoon with heavy bolter. A tight fun game, won by Cam with his field repaired rhino (immobilized from dangerous terrain). "Start dammit!!"

2nd game: Against Raoul with daemons; His two horrors squads deepstriked, I blew one squad to pieces, his hounds came in, I blew them to pieces, his bloodcrushers came in, I left them with 1 wound. He was cagey and shot up my sternguard the whole time, really missed those hellfire rounds. Conceded at his turn with my lone sternguard heavy bolter left.

3rd game: Was against Sean, a newcomer (bought the box last week!), with Orks. Pretty merciless and let him spread out/over extend while I blasted a unit a turn. Pretty sad for my only win of the day.

4th game: Against the accursed Simon and his 'stealer swarm. I blasted his army to bits but couldn't take down his broodlord if my life depended on it (needed that heavy flamer!) and it single-handedly destroyed my entire army! But, but, everything was going so well!

A great night of fun, I think one of the guys took some pics. I haven't yet found out who won, but I suspect Cam or Mike. I had to book out early to finish up my other task for Wednesday evening that kept me up to 2am. Stay tuned... (a two post day?!?)

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KRUG said...

This is a really good idea for club gaming ! Thanks for sharing.

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