Monday, January 3, 2011

Novamarines: Badab War HQ models

First "meat and potatoes" post.  While waiting to get some other miniatures primed I finished modeling Durja, began painting him and then started assembling Blaylock from some spare pieces.   Durja can obviously be used as a standard librarian whereas Blaylock will likely see the light of day more as himself than a simple captain with chain fist.

Mahabala Durja
This is for a Novamarines HQ entry in the Bell of Lost Souls Badab War play aid.  I started putting him together a while ago, but only recently finished assembly and began to paint him.  He's got a censor looking force weapon, and a storm bolter (because I think he's supposed to have one just a typo in the play aid) I've attempted sculpting some shoulderpad detail - you can see it in the inset photo - the picture is being quite generous, it doesn't look that good in person. There's a book attached to his chestplate (as in the play aid picture) and I'm going to attempt some OSL radiating from the book on him at some point since his armour is meant to be ornate and provides a 3+ invulnerable save but I used a simple AoBR terminator base - it doesn't look very special but I'm hoping some neat painting might hide that fact.

Mordaci Blaylock
New Novamarines HQ from IA9: The Badab War.  I just decided to throw him together with pieces I already had - I've been on a marine assembling kick.  I custom built his master crafted chain fist from a lightning claw and a chainsword.  I scraped down some crossed bones on the shield leaving just the skull to finish the chapter icon around and added the piece that looks like the chapter icon as his iron halo.  His nickname is "Stormbreaker" so I think I'm going to have to try some personal heraldry on his right shoulderpad.  In the rules he turns your terminator squads into scoring units so I definitely wanted a model for him!  I think I'm going to paint his helmet a different colour - since he's the captain of the 1st company I was thinking black with a white stripe a la Rogue Trader colours.  It will make him stand out a little more since his head won't be exposed.  I'd like to get a couple squads having veteran sergeants with helmets to paint them red.

As for the Novamarines, I need to sculpt a bunch of cloaks on the scouts before they will see any paint and get a land speeder storm. and some drop pods.  I have a second tactical squad to paint and also have plans in the far future for a squad of assault terminators all armed with th/ss using the shield that has the chapter icon on it.  If anyone wants to trade me that storm shield for one of the others please let me know!


Silar Lannanaris said...

Great work so far I look forward to seeing him painted up!

RealGenius said...

Nice to check back and see lots of Novamarines work still being done.

No typo, Durja was designed to be gunless.

RealGenius said...
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RealGenius said...

I finally got a look at the IA9 book and I think Durja and Blaylock together are going to be a potent combination, with a squad of Terminators.

I posted work on my Durja version here:

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