Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Badab War playaid is available!!!

Play Aid: Badab War @ Bell of Lost Souls

This looks just as incredible as I was picturing, just having a quick browse while I'm at work - but definitely will be reading the whole thing tonight. The quality of it is literally beyond words.

FYI.. My space sharks rhinozerback I entered in the Badab APC challenge is pictured on page 20! W00T for me!


RealGenius said...

I worked on the Novamarines for the Badab PDF; I came across your blog a few months ago while brainstorming ideas for them.

So if you wonder where the eastern Indian-inspired name for the Novamarines special character came from, wonder no longer. :)

In one draft of the fluff, Captain Avra was the Captain killed in the initial landings, but that ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

Tristan said...

Very cool, so you liked the names I came up with? I based it on Wikipedia's info on Babylon.

Definitely will be converting up a Durja model :)

Too bad about Captain Avra.

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