Monday, August 3, 2009

Raptor Legion assault squad finally done... Crusade chapters +1

Finally have my raptors assault marines finished. Getting the jump packs prepped just took too long. Pretty happy with the way they've turned out, swamp bases are looking nice too - they'll need another coat of Tamiya Clear after I've sealed them. Still need a flamer to finish them up. Decals worked out pretty well on these guys, next up for the raptors is Shrike and then a tactical squad. This makes four chapters I have painted models for, so the plan is to try to start another round with these chapters before starting painting on any more - I'm thinking of doing the Space Sharks dreadnoughts next.

Painting points wise, this has put me up to 166 in 215 days, which puts me around 7% ahead of schedule. Hopefully I can keep that up so when holidays and such roll around I don't get too far behind.

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