Monday, August 3, 2009

Crimson Fist Sternguard WIP

Here are some pics of my WIP sternguard. They'll be painted as Crimson Fists. Pretty much entirely just plastic bits I had. These guys were great fun to make, I have a feeling I'll be putting together my Pedro Kantor soon.

Sergeant first, I decided to use a deathwatch shoulderpad just to avoid them all having the crux terminatus shoulderpad, also I figured if there's any item I might want two of in Kill Team it's a Power Fist.

These are the two special/heavy troopers I've built so far. One is a heavy flamer (needs tubing to go from fuel pack to weapon) and the other is a combi-melta (needs some filler, a parchment and a ammo clip for his empty hand)

Finally a couple bolter armed marines. Used storm bolter ammo as per many of the guides floating around. All the marines have the scroll cases somewhere, extra purity seals and a parchment somewhere.

and the obligatory group shot


eriochrome said...

I really like the first guy. Just needs the bolter drilled out. The heavy flamer I am not so sure about. This is one of the options in the codex that I have yet to decide if I like enough to convert one. I have a terminator heavy flamer still sitting around.

Tristan said...

Yea, bolters drilled are gonna wait. The old school heavy flamer is tough, but I have so many of them I need to make use of them. I will probably add a heavy flamer terminator to the crimson fists squad in future to use up another - and there could be a second heavy flamer sternguard guy too. What do you think of the combi-melta?

Kron said...

Great looking Sternguard. I've done much the same for my Crimson Fists but gave one vet a plasma gun, now thinking of swapping it for the more useful melta..

Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing them painted!

Tristan said...

Yea, I think they're special ammunition is enough except for the odd tank bust, definitely don't see any combi-plasma's or combi-flamer's in this group. Will probably do one more of each for the heavy flamer/combi-melta.

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