Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gave in... Space Hulk pre-ordered

Well it took a couple days but I convinced myself to pre-order Space Hulk.

In my master plans for a bunch of Space Marine chapters, I do want at least one chapter based on the original legions (some more than others) for which I picked flesh tearers as a BA successor. So what sold me on the models was the fangs on the sgt/character model (aka Lorenzo?).

Could also use the genestealers for my Genestealer Cult Gang for Necromunda (I should get some pics uploaded).

The other bit that sold me was my old Space Hulk rules are long gone, and I'm working on building a Travel Space Hulk set using Epic mini's - so having updated rules will be a plus.

I've had a look at the best sprue picture I found, here's what I believe is in the box. I will update this post with pics as GW adds them to the Space Hulk product page.

1 Librarian, 1 Capt/Sgt (Power Sword), 1 Assault Cannon, 1 Heavy Flamer, 1 SB/Chainfist, 1 Thunderhammer/Storm Shield, 1 Twin Lightning Claws, 5 SB/PF.

1. Librarian
2. Lorenzo (SB/PS)
3. AC/PF
4. SB/PF
5. SB/PF
6. TH/SS
7. SB/CF
8. SB/PF
9. LC/LC
10. SB/PF
11. SB/PF
12. HF/PF


eriochrome said...

I am trying to hard to resist but every one of those painted up minis looks really nice. Ofcourse I have to remind myself that they would be like 500 models deep in the painting queue right now and when painted by me will not look anywhere near that cool.

Tristan said...

It was really the realization that I didn't have any rules for the travel version I'm working on that sold it. The sweet models are a bonus, probably won't touch them for a while myself.

The AKH said...

I think the models are the biggest factor that makes me want to order the game; the poses are just great, and compared to the cost of terminator boxes, the $120 space hulk set is a steal.

Tristan said...

Agreed, the sculpts are fantastic. I still see quite a bit of ability to convert them too!

Tnoussis said...

Aww that sounds a little wonderful! You gotta bring it in to the dragon when you get it! If you want help painting (rather, if you'll let my hands on) some of those awesome miniatures, I would love to paint some. They look BAD ASS.

jabberjabber said...

must resist... must resist... But Space Hulk is (& was) so cool!

Tristan said...


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