Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Space Sharks... hammerheads & landspeeder

Put a decent amount of time into painting today and got quite a bit done. I've gotten all my hammerheads/sternguard ready for the final details. I've also completed a landspeeder I've been sitting on for too long.

First here are some pics comparing my standard SS scheme to the tranquility scheme.

Comparing the pic in the play aid to my completed hammerhead.

Standard scheme vs. Tranquility scheme

Space Sharks Landspeeder

ps. 100th post!


Mik said...

I love the look of these guys, well done. The little extras, like original beaky helmets and Rogue Trader sprue bits really help out as well...

Tristan said...

Thanks Mik. Definitely finding lots of uses for the old RT bits.

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