Thursday, August 6, 2009

Badab War: Space Sharks Hammerheads

I hope everyone by now has had a gander at BoLS new badab war play aid. I finally read the full fluff today and it's pretty well written. The modeling and gaming sections have sparked a ton of ideas, and here is the first I've started to put into effect.

I hadn't planned on including many veterans in my Space Sharks army, I was thinking more along the lines of a battle company (eventually!) and so hadn't even thought about termies/sternguard/vanguard much. The Badab play aid changed all that. When I was first thinking about making some hammerheads the obvious fluffy choice was truly chainswords, however being the clever chap that I am I thought of something even better. I had bought a bunch of dark angels backpacks with swords tied across the top, so I've given these to the hammerheads so I can just use them as normal sternguard in regular games. :)

I've used the same bits for body/head/etc, but have used the older 2nd ed. bolters (have a stock, need to add scopes) and a rogue trader era ammo clip on their backpacks. I also cut the sword out of one of the backpacks to make it more obvious they are really a weapon. I am planning to paint these guys (probably increase the squad to 10 eventually), plus a squad of termies and convert a Quintus model as well - all in the tranquility camo scheme from pg. 39 of the play aid. Going to give liquid mask a go.

group shot
sgt & vet
3 vets

1 comment:

KRUG said...

looking great so far, can't wait to see the final results...

Im hopefully going to be making a small force, 1500 points, of Astral Claws.

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