Monday, November 2, 2009

Necromunda batrep 4

We had to add more bridges to the terrain after we rolled the "Pit of Despair" as the treacherous terrain (pass a str test to move 2" or die on ground). We ruled it would cause an automatic serious injury instead of kill outright. We also used the necromunda event cards, I think Mike's gave him some credits or something at the end of the game, can't remember what mine was.Delaque deployment. Mike hired a "shooter" from the Anthony Case rules and deployed him with a juve & his autogunner. The rest of his models were in the power plant.
Spyrer deployment, I lined up my guys to take full advantage of their speed and skills.
Turn 1
Delaques rush the middle, no shooting - heavy sets overwatch.
Spyrers make a move to grab covering positions, while Reginald rushes the loot counter and gets nailed man down by the overwatching heavy stubber.
Turn 2
Delaques rush the loot counter closest to them, group with the shooter tries to take out Ferdinand, but fail to cause damage.
Gilbert the orrus moved up to pick up a loot counter and shot at the delaque vanguard group and missed. Ferdinand raced up to the platform with the loot counter closest to the delaques and hosed Mike's leader with his webber. Failing his initiative test his leader falls into the muck. Reginald goes out of action.

Turn 3
The delaque manuver themselves and blast away at Ferdinand. Knocking him off the ledge and into the muck. His leader fails his str test to succumb to the muck.

Norah the jakara charges one of the delaque vanguard while the Orrus takes a pot shot at the remaining vanguard.
Turn 4
The remaining delaques push forwards to try and protect the remaining gangers in the scrum for loot. Their shooting is largely ineffective.
Ferdinand makes his str test and reaches a ladder. Gilbert the orrus moves behind a doorway for protection and shoots at the delaque scroungers, failing to wound but again causing the ganger to fall from the edge and into the muck. Norah takes out her opponent in hth.
Turn 5
Delaques fail their bottle test.

I have a few more shots from our last game (another rescue mission as Mike's leader got captured)

Any feedback on these? Is maybe more detail enough to make them interesting or will it take maps?? :P


The AKH said...

I think the pics and the narrative description makes them well worth reading. Not quite as exciting as being there in person, but, hey, can't beat that feeling! :D Maps might be useful for 40k batreps, but for Necro... way too much work. Necro's easier to retell narratively anyway.

Good work, dude, looking forward to more!

Mik said...

Yet another great batrep, nice job. We've played Necromunda quite a bit in the past, but not lately. This has got me itching for it again. Keep 'em coming...

Tristan said...

Glad to hear you think maps are too much. With all the terrain they wouldn't be easy. You can expect more!

Cawshis Clay said...

I like them. Instead of a map, it'd be great if you took a picture of the entire table and maybe highlighted where you set up. It's hard for me to envision where on the table your guys are running and gunning to without knowing where they started.

Other than that, I enjoy these posts! I don't play Necromunda, but I like reading about it!

Tristan said...

photochopped table pics - check. will do.

KRUG said...

Good rep Tristan!
NAy chance of seeing the non card board terrain on its own?

Tristan said...

Hey Krug - I think you commented in the post I made about the new necro terrain, so I guess you mean in a batrep. Unfortunately I don't quite have enough terrain to not use the cardboard stuff yet.

Sayse said...

could you tell me what colours you used for your paint scheme. from base colour to highlights. and also how did you convert the scummer with the eye filters. your paint scheme is acceptional and was impressed with the result. a response would be great. thanks. carl

Tristan M said...

I guess you are asking about the delaques? They are the ones wearing eye filters. They are my friends - his site is you can have a look at trying to contact him there.

Sayse said...

thanks for the info. carl

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