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necromunda batrep - new gang

Here is the batrep from Saturday's gang fight - Delaques vs. Escher.

I wrote a new gang list to give Mike a break from the Spyrers and to give me more to do in the game. I went with a ranged leader to try and ensure she's always around for bottle tests. I had debated a plasma gun for my heavy, but in the end took the reliable heavy stubber. I had a juve and ganger to go with each. Juve as a shield and ganger with some basic weapons. Then I took two more CC oriented groups. A juve & ganger armed for CC, plus a ganger with a lasgun to provide some reliable fire support.

I tried to make sure there were more walkways in use so we wouldn't need to adjust for whatever we rolled on the treacherous conditions table. this worked out well as we ended up rolling acid rain and started most of our guys with something overhead to protect them - as you can see by the deployment pictures later.
north end
east end
south end
west end

Escher deployment - I deployed first, picked the south end. Everyone but my heavy and her juve human shield were deployed under walkways or roof to avoid the acid rain.
Escher overview (hopefully this helps you understand the direction of the game)

Delaque deployment - Mike deployed second in the north end and followed my lead keeping most guys with a roof over their head except for his heavy stubber and supporting ganger. Just before we started we rolled for the acid rain. Mike's lasgun guy was hit, but survived it and gained Impressive Scars (+1 Ld)
Delaque overview

The delaque heavy stubber & supporting ganger went on overwatch, while the rest of his gang ran forwards to get good positions.
First thing in my turn was playing my event card - hallucinogenic gas clouds. I only rolled enough for one gas cloud, but managed to get it right over Mike's heavy & ganger. Both his guys resisted it's effects.
The rest of my Eschers ran forwards trying to take advantage of cover, with the heavy stubber and lasgun girls hanging back on overwatch.
My leader managed a boltgun shot on his leader, but only pinned him.

Hilarity (well for me) begins this turn. We rolled for the gas cloud and it shrunk. Mike's two delaques were partially under the template - using necromunda rules I needed a 4+ to hit them.
Both were hit, neither resisted the gas - his heavy getting pinned by visions of bugs crawling all over him.
Meanwhile the lasgun armed ganger is convinced there are enemies all around. Mike rolls a scatter die for his facing and of course it's directed at his large group of gangers with his leader. One of Mike's other gangers gets taken "man down" by his wild shooting. We decided to award him 5 xp for a wounding hit to take some of the sting out! The rest of the guys in that area took advantage of the leader being around and all kept their nerve.
Safe from the acid rain, Mike's group with the flamer make a dash forwards - my heavy stubber let's loose on overwatch, only manages to get two hits, neither of which could be spread - but does take a shotgun armed delaque out of action, while running out of ammo for the rest of the game. His juve and flamer lose their nerve and run back a few inches to cover.
His leader leaves a juve behind to protect the ganger down and rushes forwards with two more juves.
In my turn, the gangers who have basic weapons take up overwatch again.
My ammo-less heavy and her juve shield run down to support my leader with their stub guns (ha!) My leader's shooting is ineffective.
The more CC oriented gang members try to work their way forwards in cover.

We start once again with the gas cloud, it doesn't change at all, this time just pinning the lasgun delaque with visions of creepy crawlies. His heavy runs away from the gas cloud. The rest of the delaques advance more slowly.
The heavy stubber opens up on my shotgun armed ganger and takes her "man down" - but eerily also running out of ammo.
Meanwhile Mike's leader and two juves open up on the nearest CC armed escher and pin both of them.
His down ganger stays down, but his flamer armed heavy rallies.
In my turn the delaques once again resist the effects of the gas cloud, however my gang stepped up and caused damage on their own. My orange hair takes out a lone delaque juve standing in the open.
The rest of my gang rushed forwards hoping to take advantage and get some CC wounds.
My leader took his leader straight "out of action". His two juves lose their nerve and go into hiding.
Then just the icing on the cake my shotgun ganger managed to pull through the pain and went from "man down" to "flesh wound", saving me from taking guaranteed bottle test next turn.

The delaques pass their bottle test and hang around, the gas cloud has no effect on the lasgun delaque still in it's area of effect. His flamer armed heavy takes advantage of his "Hip Shooting" skill (MONSTROUS on a flamer. Run 8" and fire! The -1 to hit has no effect) to rush my two closest CC gang members and roast them both (one "man down", one straight "out of action").
Mike continues to pour fire at my other CC equiped girls, misses - but uses his event card to cause D3 S4 hits from a nearby pipe that burst, taking my ganger "out of action".
My turn goes relatively quickly - I pass my bottle test. I charge a shotgun armed ganger with two of my juves and except for the girls nearest his hiding juves - the rest of my gang goes on overwatch as they don't have line of sight, and I wanted to keep them in cover - my casualties are starting to pile up.
Early on it looked like I would have an easy time of it, but Mike's gang hung in there and started to make it difficult (hip shooting flamer FTW!). My first juve rocks his ganger "out of action" and follows up behind a bulkhead to protect her from the flamer - he'll only be able to pick one of the two to flambe!

Mike makes his bottle test. The gas cloud finally drifted this time, totally catching the same lasgun ganger who'd been traumatized by it all game - luckily he resisted it's effects again. The delaques advance slowly trying to work their way forward to shoot from cover. Mike's heavy uses his shotgun and wastes the juve in the open near his flamer.
She goes "man down" only, so Mike then uses his flamer to wound her again and causes her to go "out of action".
In my turn I pass my bottle test. My juve who avoided his two heavies charges his flamer guy. Another juve runs to get within her initiative distance to spot his two hidden juves. My heavy shoots one of his previously hidden juves with her stub gun, taking him "man down" and causing the other juve to flee into hiding.
The rest of my gang stays on overwatch. His flamer armed heavy totally scrags my CC juve taking her "out of action". Meanwhile my other CC juve pulls herself together from being "man down" and suffers a flesh wound.

We continue to pass bottle tests. Mike's flamer roasts my newly risen CC juve, while the rest of his gang miss. He decides to use his down juve's 2" crawl to roll off the walkway, suffering a S3 hit, but allowing his other broken juve to protect him.
In my turn the gas cloud finally dissipates, my juve charges his broken juve (technically I couldn't charge him because he was hidden, but we allowed it to seem more realistic - although playing delaque there's a debate to be had there ;) ) but I have a horrific round of shooting - missing everything. My juve scrags his in CC.

Mike finally bottles and the game is mine.

It was a bloody affair with something like 7 casualties on his side and 5 on mine. Post game a shotgun armed delaque dies outright, while one of my gangers suffers multiple injuries (including an old battle wound and a leg wound) - to add insult 2 more of my gangers suffer leg wounds. A quarter of my gang is now M3! Luckily for the most part, I was able to move equipment around between gang members - making the M3 gangers my supporting fire. On the plus side I did get a couple wound increases (very nice!) and one of those got a toughness increase as well (hard as nails!). We both rolled captured for one gang member, so we just did a straight trade to keep things easy.

I REALLY lucked out with my territory rolls. An archeotech (2d6*10) plus two d6*10 territories, and even a settlement. This has given me a great inflow of cash post game - and luckily I've had enough gangers I could even send one to assist my leader looking for rare items.

We played a short second game - but were running out of time so no pics. Mike will be a little disappointed as he thoroughly trashed my gang in this fight. He took all my girls out of action for not a scratch on his guys. This was package run from Anthony Case, which was quite fun and we'll for sure be including it in the future. Mike captured one of my juves, but I did luck out after the second game and my settlement provided a free juve!

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Cawshis Clay said...

Great report! I really love the structure and pictures.

Thanks for the overiew of the was much easier to follow the action!

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