Tuesday, November 3, 2009

travel space hulk... models painted

I've finished nearly all the models required for my travel space hulk. I still need to convert up a lightning claws guy and a librarian. But I decided with the hobby room booked for this weekend I needed the models I have built ready to be sealed. This will at least prompt me to sort out a portable set of rules and the counters/maps I need. 2 epic minis shouldn't be tough to handle once I get to the point of really wanting them.

The gribblies were undercoated with dheneb stone, parts picked out in woodland green (I used warlock purple on the "broodlord") and base painted grey. Finally a wash of badab black.

All I had to do for the termies was paint the bases grey and the black wash.

Next up, find a pattern to print out to make the blips from, and design a "one-use" paper points tracker and print out some maps. I need to make some doors eventually too.


The Lord of Excess said...

LOL ... AWESOME idea man!!!! Please post some shots of the game being played when your all done ... this is just ultra cool!!

Tristan said...

Will do! Be sure to check out the first post if you are interested, I linked some useful sites & downloads.

Tnoussis said...

Very cool, they are looking suitably portable. Its great that your managed to match the scale of the stealers to the epic termies.`

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