Saturday, November 14, 2009

random necro pic - Wyrd Telepath

Here's another of my old necromunda models. He was painted years ago in my first phase of wargaming. I've given him a coat of varnish and hopefully he will get some use in the near future. (I'm itching to try out the wyrd coven gang Anthony Case has created!)

I had my buddy Mike over for some more necromunda action today. I rolled with a new gang - Escher. We had a couple games - a proper gang fight where we beat the crap out of each other and we tried a new scenario from Anthony Case called Package Run, where I fooled Mike into who was carrying the actual package - but he managed to scrag all my models (we each had four after rolling for number of troops) to no losses. A strong victory for Mike's Delaque.

I took a bunch of pics and notes so will get a batrep up soon.

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