Tuesday, November 10, 2009

random necro pic - 'Scummer' Berbe

I've recently started seriously looking at any painted models I have from my first foray into GW more than a dozen years ago. I have some models which I really don't see myself ever re-painting completely - so I've been trying to see if I can get them somewhere I'm happy with and be done with it. Some of the mordheim lizardmen and bonnie annerson are two examples (lizzies painted by my bro). On top of that I have some painted models that I ended up with in bulk deals through craigslist or similar (likely on deck... old school 40K assassin).

Here's another of my brothers, a necromunda "underhive scum" wielding a plasma pistol. He was painted quite well, very neat and even a bit of blending on the pistol. It definitely didn't scream finished though, so I took some of my wood stain dip, mixed in some water to keep it nice and thin and gave the whole model a wash. Then I gave it a shot of testors dullcote to get rid of the gloss. He looks perfectly scummy now - and I hope to get a chance to include him in future games.
I'm going to try to document all my other painted stuff that hasn't shown up in the blog yet. I have a Wyrd Telepath I painted that I've already got varnished, a Wyrd Telekinetic my brother painted that just needs a bit of touch ups + the watered down dip treatment that I'm thinking of getting done.

Eventually I plan to put together some numbers for total models painted per game.

ps. Thanks to Mik for naming him :)


Mik said...

I always liked this model, who needs stomach crunches when you've got a plasma pistol?

His name should be "Berbe", because that's what my word verification was!

Tristan said...

Done & done :)
I like it.

Akozz said...

Nice scum :) I've painted the same model just a few days ago. I think i might steal your colour scheme for spyrers :P

Tristan said...

Feel free dude - let me know if you have any questions - my email is in my profile.

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