Saturday, November 7, 2009

random stuff

Well I've had a look through and the pics from the last necromunda game from last weekend aren't really worth putting together. There's a bunch of the same pic as Norah my jakara stood around while Mike's gang moved into position. He managed to free his captured leader and my Spyrers bottled. Here's a pic of Norah standing guard over his leader after my deployment (I had about 4 pics of this from various angles and not much else).

Next up is some work I've been doing on getting my Vindicator bits magnetized and ready to be undercoated. I have the hobby room this weekend but forgot to stock up on paint so getting them primed will probably be delayed.

Finally, I figured I should get this model varnished to protect her, as she is fully painted (trying to get all my painted stuff protected) - it's the limited edition Bonnie Annerson bounty hunter from Necromunda. I won her at a necro tournament in the first GW Toronto (when it was on Queen St.)

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