Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barter Bucket + 6 easy painting points = win!

Have been doing pretty well getting brush to mini recently.  I've nearly finished my CF sternguard (just some decals and final details left), and as well have gotten another couple Space Sharks magnetized rhinos at the point where I'm working on the giant mouth/teeth painted on the front.  Today I pulled out a blister of spore mines with the intention of just getting them glued to their bases while I was doing some more work on the sternguard.  However I ended up undercoating them and from there they didn't really take much work at all.  The reason I picked them up is due to the "Even Wyrder" necromunda pdf put out by Anthony Case. The spore mines can be used as new beastmaster beasts "lashoaters" who float around and have random numbers of attacks.
3 colours, 1 wash = done!
All I did was use three different colours, in different spots depending on the model - then gave the whole model a healthy wash of baal red.  This all came around after some testing where a red wash over a coat of golden yellow gave me a nice gruesome fleshy colour, so I started with that and through some more testing chose two other colours to use  with the single red wash to tie it all together.  They look suitably different than my necro rats.
good ol' barter bucket
Finally, I should just throw a little shout out - I picked up these guys in a trade through the barter bucket over at Santa Cruz Warhammer.

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Gyro said...

Dude, I need help, I need to put brush to figs! I've painted one figure this ENTIRE year.

As for the Barter Bucket, thanks so much for the plug! It's been going strong and there is a lot of bits that have gone to great homes and some excellent trades that occur weekly.

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