Monday, March 14, 2011

Badab War character competition WIP pt2

Here's part two of todays Badab related posts, a couple WIP shots of my Space Sharks Chaplain.  Painting this guy up has taught me I need to go back and fix all the terrible badab black washed shining gold, ogryn flesh wash looks much better.
I built this guy a while ago to be able to use him as a Cassius "counts as". I used the filigreed bolter from the commander box with an old 2nd edition hand flamer mounted sideways for his master crafted combi-flamer. I also glued an old RT001 beakie helmet on his belt. Like the apothecary in my command squad, only his right arm is coloured - designating his rank. He's got some serious head bionics which is pretty suitable for T6!
He probably won't make the FLoT Badab War play aid update since "Chaplain Neth" doesn't seem to use a combi-flamer (ironic I had to convert the Raptors deathwatch marine to have a combi-flamer to be considered whereas it will likely disqualify this model from the play aid) Silar has said any model can win the competition.  Tomorrow is the 15th so I have a whole month to get these guys finished and my photos submitted.


G.N.O.M.E. said...

where did you get that awesome head at? That mini looks great!
I have been washing gryphonne sepia over gold then going back and picking out the highlights. Try it and see if you like it.

Tristan said...

The head is a part of the mini. It's an older metal chaplain I picked up specifically because his head was suitable for a "counts as" Cassius. I actually like the simple ogryn flesh wash over shining gold (as on this mini) and am going to eventually update my other space sharks minis to use the same pattern.

Silar Lannanaris said...

Glad to see your entering the competition Tristan. He looks great. Sorry I haven't replied sooner only just got the internet back =)

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