Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day pt2: GWpertinent Forces!

Part 2 of my old stuff day posts is a bit of a cop-out.  Technically these posts are my "oldest" because way before blogger offered the option to create actual "pages", I wanted to use the blog to track everything about my armies, gangs, teams and warbands.  I found a little hack where I limit everyone from seeing any posts prior to 2008 so they wouldn't show up in my archive list and I then set about creating "post-pages" for the various forces I have as of January 1st 2007.  Not all forces have a "post-page" created for them yet, but eventually they all will.  I've also included a "current state" percentage towards being painted/based - broken out by colour coding to describe who's done the painting (green; all me, yellow; some of my stuff came partially painted from my brother, or I received assistance in building/painting, or red; for some of the forces which I commissioned out)

Within these "post-pages" I try to incorporate as much varied info as I can.  Everything from why I started collecting them, the background and history to the force (including any fluff I have developed/written up), game records (ie. win/draw/loss), awards won, composition & development notes, pictures, etc.

I guess these are my posts that I think receive less traffic than they deserve.  There's lots of cool info in there, but they rarely get any comments.  Any suggestions you may have to get people to visit them more often, please let me know.  Maybe it's the face it's not obvious they are links?  I recently did a large update to my Novamarines page, and two of my blood bowl teams (orcs and undead) are similarly fully fledged.  My Spyrers page definitely needs an update since it only has half the gang in the photos, while I should really get my act together and get some games in with my Pit Slaves since their page is looking rather bare.

Well I hope this prompts you to take a look at any of my force pages that interest you.  Please feel free to comment as I'm always looking for feedback.

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