Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day pt3: 2010 Blood Bowl antics...

Not really _that_ old, but possibly a perfect time to put together a little compilation of all the blood bowl I got up to in 2010.  I played a lot of blood bowl last year.  I mean a lot....

Tournaments (Total of 35 games)
Canadian Open - Result: wooden spoon (aka last) 3 games
Challenge of Q'ermitt - Result: top 50 percentile (barely) 6 games
Golden Sweetbun - Result: not wooden spoon (barely) 6 games
Lakeside Cup - Result: not wooden spoon (barely) 6 games
Warpstone Cup - Result: middle of the pack (2 each; win, draw, loss) 6 games
Deathbowl - Result: 6th/16 (still averaging top 50 percentile) 4 games
Power of One - Result: 2nd (and most casualties) 4 games

Leagues (Total of 19 games)
NBBL (Season 1) - Result: unknown (commish had RL get in the way) 8 games
NBBL (Season 2) - Result: 2nd (2 less games than 1st) 4 games
XTBBF - Result: 2nd (Lost the Spike! final - was still standings leader) 7 games in 2010 (ongoing)

So that's a staggering fifty-four competitive games played in 2010 (with more casual - ie. non-league or tournament games also played).  I doubt I broke 60 games total but I figure I averaged at least a game every 20 days last year.  Not counting any Cyanide BB Legendary Edition games either.

Last year I bounced around from team to team a lot.  This year I plan to play only Undead at tournaments, and other teams will be relegated to league play only.  I plan to get one new team painted up this year, as it's fairly multi-purpose easily used as amazons, humans, norse, pro elves, and ever wood elves.  I hope to debut this team at the Deathbowl this year.


Warhammer39999 said...

Ok, you lost me at "wooden spoon." Is that a good thing or a bad one?

Tristan said...

> wooden spoon (aka last)

Warhammer39999 said...

Thanks. I know I've heard of that before, but I forgot what it meant.

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