Friday, March 11, 2011

Contests around the blog-o-sphere and other stuff you should follow....

If Paint your Toys hits the 100 follower mark by Sunday, March 13th - he will be having a giveaway TBA on the following Saturday March 19th.  The prize is some cool old school genestealers! Plus you gotta love the blog's motto "The blog, where all the models are painted, all the tables are good looking, and the dice roll below average."

Miniature Wargaming Conversions has been having tons of raffles recently and April seems to be no different (I know it's still March, but the draw will be in April) - lots of awesome prizes are up for grabs including a Storm Raven and new Grey Knights stuff.

House of Paincakes is holding a contest to name their blogrolls.  Pretty easy to enter, I have already entered myself!  There is a bunch of different random prizes - including a free winning slot to the above mentioned miniature wargaming conversions April raffle!

The Fallen Princes is also holding a modeling/painting contest for Badab War related marine characters.  Aventine from FLoT is looking to do a playaid update and wants some new photos to use.  Have a couple ideas for entries myself - check it out!

and of course there is my own giveaway, our second contest here.  We've only had one entry and I have to admit that if it stays that way, there will be NO further contests/giveaways.  All it takes is a simple post on your blog - give it a go and give me a reason to hold more contests in the future!

Finally - I would like to recommend you start following the Realm of Lead Addition.  Michael has been painting small groups (blood bowl teams, etc.) and putting them up on ebay for charity.  Be sure to check it out!

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