Sunday, March 27, 2011

Space Sharks: updating champions power sword

Originally I had a vision of all the sharks power weapons being white (as if made from sharks teeth? definitely not well thought out!) since I did the chainswords in a similar vein.  Here is the champion with the old white power sword.  When I updated my original captain to Kundera, I realized it was stupid and went with a different, brighter green than I use as the company colours.  I really liked the result and so I pulled the champion out (I don't use the command squad much) to update his sword when I felt like something fun to do.  I got about halfway through before I shelved it for something else - and it's been languishing in that state for several weeks.

I managed to get myself up to the local GW today for a couple games (1 win/1 loss - used my Kundera "counts as" Khan for the first time) it meant I had to pack up the stuff I had been painting recently.  When I had a chance to do a bit of painting but didn't have time to pull everything back out, I figured I would just try to finish off the command squad champions power sword - seeing more painted Space Sharks on the field has me debating a command squad again.
side view, top edge of sword
front view, underside of sword
I used a combination of washes and metallics for the "band" and I basically tried a NMM style slash.  Then I blended the rest of the sword from the original green to white near the metallic edge of the band.  They are positioned differently top compared to underside, I was going for the appearance of the electricity coursing up the blade.  Not sure if I achieved this well, but that's ok - I like trying different methods for all my power weapons.  It looks very "comic book" to me - from a few feet away.  I debated using a wash of gryphonne sepia or thraka green to tie it together but I think it might ruin it.  Thoughts?
close up of the sword
Still need to give the gold a wash of ogryn flesh too - whoops!

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