Friday, May 13, 2011

Fourth weekly prize announced for "Heroes of Armageddon"

Up for grabs this week from the "Heroes of Armageddon" charity project is a bunch of very cool resin ork bits and pieces from - everything I have seen from them is truly top notch, there's some really incredibly high quality stuff such as the jetbike and all these orky bits.  If I happened to win this weeks prize I could see myself having to start playing Gorkamorka!  You can check out this weeks prize post here.
these heads have SO much character - absolutely corkin'
As per usual I have donated $20 and have updated my running tally. Truly it doesn't take much to make a difference and you'd be surprised at how little it will impact you.  For example I quit smoking (again..  hopefully for keeps this time!) in January.  I estimate I probably spent at least $50 a week on smokes - this is less than half that - if I could afford more than twice what I've donated weekly to poison myself, I can definitely afford this.
some really wicked looking mechanical torsos - talk about an iron lung!
Or here's another example.  I used to buy my lunch at the mall every day at work - that's an average of $10-15 a day.  Now I bring my lunch 3 days a week (unrelated - more about getting healthy than finding the $$ to donate) which probably costs about the same as one purchased lunch. Again when you consider how much you spend on stuff without thinking about it during the week finding this small amount isn't tough at all!
great action pose legs!
I challenge every one of you to consider superfluous things you spend money on - I'm not saying donate $20 every week like me - but I bet every single one of you could easily find $20 to donate without really giving up very much.  I personally spend about $3-4 a day on coffee, that in itself would be $20 for 5 days. Some folks who drink fancy coffees from places like Starbucks spend almost as much on a coffee as a meal.  Ask yourself if you can give up your specialty coffee for a week in order to help out Doctors without Borders.
these mechanical conveyances are so orky and look brilliant!

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