Thursday, May 5, 2011

revival indeed... Prepping for Astro

I've been convinced by my friend Mike to enter Astronomi-con in June. I threw a couple 1500 lists together (one for Novamarines & one for Space Sharks) to test out.  I liked the Space Sharks list but it was going to be a lot to get finished, then I found out that certain additional rules were allowed (such as FW characters) and considering the crazy tables/missions they have I became a little enamored with using Mordaci Blaylock so basically all my units would be scoring!  Here is the list I was thinking - unpainted stuff in red.  It also had the (seemingly at the time) additional benefit of less to finish painting - now I'm not so sure, but I'm plowing on with it because switching back now could be catastrophic!

* mordaci blaylock
* librarian w null zone/gate of infinity
* 5 man terminators w cyclone missile launcher
* 5 man assault terminators w th/ss
* dreadnought w multi-melta/ccw in drop pod
* 10 man tactical squad w melta/missile launcher, combi-melta in drop pod
* 5 man scout squad w sniper/missile launcher,  telion
* 10 man scout squad w 4 bp/ccw, 5 bolterspower fist
land speeder storm w multi-melta

I got started by picking up the storm recently at GW - this was going to kill two birds.  I did need another scout with a missile launcher and another bolter armed scout.  So I magnetized the riders and made bases for them to stick to as well.
land speeder storm w riders magnetized
I also was originally just going to replace the AoBR sergeant with a combi-melta armed sergeant, but I figured for 5 points at the same BS it would be stupid not going in with a meltagun instead of a flamer - so I got those two built and started on getting them painted (also a nice place to use a helmet on the sergeant for the chance to paint it red)
replacements for tactical squad 1
A cyclone missile launcher for the standard terminators was due as well!  As I used a mini that was already painted getting this done was a breeze!
simple missile launcher from IG sentinel conversion
I've been building the assault terminators over a while waiting for the shield bits (so I could keep them all the same!) Thanks Mike & Lorand for donating some shields!
assault terminators (check out the shields)
I played a couple games with them last Saturday.  The list had too much gimmick, not enough meat & potatoes. So I wanted to add some bodies, and definitely do something about the terminators - at this points level it can be tough for them to earn their points back.  I'm going to scrap either the assault terminators or blaylock so I can increase the size of the standard terminator unit to 10.

I decided to scrap the dreadnought for another tactical squad.  It added ten more guys to get painted, but it's a worthwhile switch I think - a single dread can wreak havoc, but more often than not is too exposed and vulnerable to have much real impact.  Yes it can be a distraction but one that can be stunned/shaken and ignored.  The tactical squad is a better all rounder and is just more utilitarian.
second AoBR squad with replacements
In order to afford the full squad I dropped five scouts - it means I have to choose between bolters (without an extra missile launcher) or bp/ccw. Regardless I decided to keep the Land Speeder Storm - I'm just going to have to use it differently than I planned.  I think in the end I will go with the bolter scouts - partially because they are from the same kit but also just because it will make me think twice about charging out!
missile launcher won't make an appearance :(
As was rightly pointed out by Mike - I can't expect to throw my power armour librarian in with the terminators to deep strike.  So I figured to be safe I should really give him terminator armour - and I happened to notice that the base terminator armour upgrade doesn't come with any other weapon! Yikes I didn't realize that storm bolter cost an extra 5 points.
original model
Hmmm - so I decided I should do a little fix up on my termie libby so his right hand is magnetized to afford other weapon options.  I'm also debating getting rid of the banner if I can find another celestial wizard staff bit.  I think I will have enough points for the storm shield but it's nice having options just in case - still need to make a hand on it's own (maybe shooting lightning or something)
ta da!
So here is what I am thinking - please let me know your thoughts - there's now one big decision and a couple small decisions to be made.  It has added some volume to what I need to paint, but I think I can pull it off.  I plan to keep the drop pods really simple - doors will be quartered but everything else will be metallics.

* term libby w null zone/gate of infinity
* 10 terminator squad (cml, cml OR heavy flamer) 5 to paint
* 10 tactical squad (melta, missile launcher, combi-melta/power fist OR bolt pistol) in drop pod w locator
* 10 tactical squad (melta, missile launcher, combi-melta) in drop pod w locator 10 to paint
* 10 scout squad (3x sniper, missile launcher, telion, 5x bolters OR 5x ccw 5 to paint
* landspeeder storm w heavy bolter
? mordaci blaylock or assault terminators (th/ss)

Biggie: Mordaci or Assault Terminators?

Little 'uns:
bolter or CC scouts for the storm?
power fist in one tactical squad or second cyclone for terminators in place of flamer.


deathkorps said...

Assault Terminators! Looking great so far- split color scheme is sweet

Mik said...

Wow, you're really cranking them out! I have always loved halved or quartered color schemes but have been too intimidated to do them myself, kudos. Things are really coming along and that's a great idea with the Storm riders doubling as infantry models with their butt-magnets.

Tristan said...

Thanks Mik! The quartered pattern is quite striking without having to do tons of shading and highlights.

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