Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6th week of "Heroes of Armageddon" charity project prizes!

Something a little different up for grabs this week from the "Heroes of Armageddon" charity project - a couple CMON 2009 Annuals have been donated for prizes. I tend not to bother posting my mini's on CMON as I am well aware they are basically tabletop quality - I usually aim for special methods(eg. staining) to make tabletop quality quicker to achieve over a larger quantity of models than a great model.  However I will admit that every blogger of whose painting I am jealous seems to have already purchased a copy of the annual.
CMON Annual 2009
Judging by how strictly models are judged on CMON, I would expect the quality of the photos in this annual to be outstanding. You never know this could convince me to aim higher and start posting up pics - probably need a lightbox first! As usual I have donated another $20 to the cause.

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