Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Heroes of Armageddon" moves into month two of weekly giveaways!

Up for grabs this week from the "Heroes of Armageddon" charity project is one of three boxes donated by Carl "Covchaser" Deakin (link goes to his youtube homepage - check out his conversion videos!) Actually all three boxes will be given away so there will be THREE WINNERS! If you want some more info about Carl I'd advise checking out the latest weekly prize post.
thunderfire cannon
This is another great thing about these charity projects - the community support.  A lot of the miniatures for the armies themselves are donated and stuff that can't be used is put up as weekly giveaways.  The way the community bands together for these type of things is just extraordinary!
legion of the damned
I've donated another $20 to the cause - breaking the $100 mark!  It's amazing how quickly it builds up.  As described in my last HoA pimp post - it really doesn't take much to scrounge up $20 you could throw towards this - and who knows, you could end up winning one of the weekly prizes or even one of the FOUR completely custom built & painted armies based on the war of armageddon.
venerable dreadnought

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