Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Heroes of Armageddon" charity project third weekly prize posted!

"Heroes of Armageddon" keeps growing and growing! This time around there are three options for the weekly prize.  Whoever the lucky name pulled from the hat is will get the option of picking one of these three great prizes - all offered by TableTop Fix. Either a Blood Angels battleforce, an Ork Stompa or an Imperial Shadow Sword - some pretty sweet prizes.
option 1
I will admit to having not heard of TableTop Fix before, but I am definitely a follower now - and not just because they've donated to the cause!  I always appreciate seeing alternate models being considered/used for GW games.
option 2
As promised I have donated another $20 to the cause. You can check out this weeks prize post here.  So pony up some cash and cross your fingers! I know which prize I would pick should my name be pulled out.
option 3

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