Tuesday, May 10, 2011

GWpertinent Contest #2 - painted prize

I didn't want to post anything about this until I knew Mik had received his prize - I definitely wanted it to be a surprise!  The request had come in for deathwing scheme (aka bone armour).  He pointed out that his is the 4th Company, with a specific badge on the knee - but other than that I was left pretty much on my own. While I wanted the mini to suit Miks Dark Angels army, I still wanted it to retain some of my painting style.  I did a fair amount of reviewing his current army. I am a huge fan of washes and have recently really gotten into staining, so I decided to go for a bit grittier look than his very white terminators.  I wanted this armour to really seem aged and ancient.  I do think I might have taken it just a teensy bit too far (you can judge below) but thankfully it's nothing as bad as one coat too many of badab black on my Raptors Chaplain.
mostly basecoated
I used a grey undercoat with bleached bone basecoat. Over that I did some highlights in white, trying to focus them so would appear as if from a single light source.  Other than leather and metallics I only used dark angels green and a pretty bright red as complementing colours.  I wavered a bit about the headdress feathers but in the end I decided I liked how striking the solid colour was.
highlights pretty much done
I kept all the gems and his cloak dark angels green to make sure I had enough green on the figure.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic between staining and painting the power sword.  I debated between using either the red or green as the base for the power sword, both had their benefits but in the end I decided that I liked the look of his assault squads blue power swords - and that I really needed the sword to be a different colour from the rest of the miniature as it's a pretty standout feature of the fig.
some details like the gems and metallics
I had always been planning to copy my Space Sharks champion power sword. It has gotten a lot of positive reviews.  I think I did a very good job on this blend except for the white end near the band - my brother pointed out that the blend into white was a little smoother on my Shark champion.  This was probably because I had the base green colour and worked down whereas here I started with a light blue and worked up since I wasn't sure how dark it would need to be.  Lesson learned always work to white.
strong wash of devlan mud all over.
added company detailing.
electric band blended power sword.
I finished up a few details with a fineliner pen (name on scroll & purity seal writing) and sealed him up.  I can only hope that Mik enjoys him as much as I enjoyed painting him - it's always nice to take a break from your own projects and paint something outside what you normally would.


one day gingers will rule the earth said...

I remember seeing this model in the cabinet of my local Games workshop in Glasgow; standing at the head of a mighty, rogue trader era Dark Angels army and thinking:

Coolest model ever.

That opinion has not diminished over time. I like your paintjob, but I hope you won't mind me being honest and saying that I preferred it before the final Devlan Mud wash. That's just me though. I know that you were going for a particular theme and it's still a very good job!

Tristan said...

I definitely ended up going too heavy with the wash. It was looking really good and then all of a sudden I realized I'd gone a bit too far. Unfortunately a by-product of this method is you can't go back.

one day gingers will rule the earth said...

It still looks the business mate. I painted mine when I was 11, so it's a blob monster, unfortunately :(

I did buy the dark angels DLC for dawn of war 2 which has this guy as the force commander for multiplayer, (Which I don't play due to my pathological hatred of the word 'noob') but it's small consolation next to having the actual model.

Have you tried vallejo glaze medium with scorched brown? I used it over the off-white/eggshell finish on my warmachine sentinels and it produced a really convincing bone colour.

Mik said...

Not only does the fig look great here, it looks even better in person. The paint job is great plan and simple, and the figure really shines and holds it own even to today's sculpts. When I get him based up I'll post a writeup!

Thanks again Tristan, this is an awesome addition to my army!

Tristan said...

Actually I already have an idea for the next "bone" experiment I want to try. May end up building a deathwing army yet! :S

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