Thursday, October 6, 2011

Deathbowl in 2 week(end)s!

Well the weekend of Oct 22nd/23rd is fast approaching.  Unfortunately due to real life I have had zero opportunity/motivation to get painting on the team I was hoping to bring this year.  It's still sitting with 3 models mostly basecoated and that's it.  I might be able to get some work done on it this weekend - but I really wanted it to compete for best team the tournament I introduced it so it's kinda 50/50.  I had my folks bring my Dark Elf team as well as my "Jawbreakers" (counts as Slann) to dinner tonight (most of my stuff is still packed and at their place while we resolve buying a house/moving) as a fail safe so I have options in case I don't get the other team painted in time (highly likely!!)

Please vote on the deathbowl poll, options are;
Pro Elves (bring new team even if just basecoated, failing that dark elves)
Pro Elves (if new team isn't shaded/highlighted, bring dark elves)
Slann (who doesn't love jawbreakers)

I still have (and love) the Slann roster from last year.  Leap in deathbowl is freakin' awesome.  Also a little nervous to use the dark elves as I'd end up using witch elves as catchers and other silly near proxying, which could annoy opponents but also mess me up!!

My goal will be to try to get some more figures basecoated this weekend and see if getting the team fully painted is a possibility.

EDIT: I can't get the poll text to display as white so it makes it pretty pointless.  Just let me know in the comments what you think!!


AbraxiS said...

Hummm...i guess i would go with Slann...they look cool,they #2 in Canada,they can be used as a weapon if needed...its a win/win choice ;)

Cheers mate...

Axtklinge said...

Ok lets see, you do have a backup plan -that would be Slann-, just because those proxy DElf will most likely "mess you up".
With that in mind, you should try psych yourself up into a painting frenzy and paint those Pro Elves!
You can do it!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

I'm for Option 1: Pro Elves (bring new team even if just basecoated, failing that dark elves) The fall back plan is a good one and the motivation might get you over the line mate!

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