Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deathbowl IX (year of the elf): Game 2 tweet recap

Recap of game 2, had a bad feeling at the beginning.  Leathan is a notoriously tough opponent, because he generally takes a single super player and protects him very well making it terribly difficult to get to grips with him.  I knew I would need help against him but with two elf teams going horizontally couldn't see much help coming from them.  Good ol' Tom "Cat" (dark elf) was sitting to my left and Pat (pro elf) to my right.

#db9g2 been a tense match, losing 1-0 but have a chance to score in my turn 8 #bloodbowl #pleasenuffleplease
had the ball on the left, needed to stay on my feet - didn't happen
#db9g2 slann can't leap or dodge this game, had later turn in both halves, not good at playing reactive game #bloodbowl
going last definitely didn't help
#db9g2 slann tripping all over themselves. made one successful leap all game :-@ #nufflesucks #damnyounuffle
I think this setup was after Tom's TD
#db9g2 made a rerolled leap only to fail a 3+ dodge with reroll. lots of rerolls failing. #nufflesucks
picked up the ball in 3 tackle zones too!
#db9g2 a chance for a consolation touchdown, but it's in nuffles hands. #notexpectingmuch
got knocked over again!
#db9g2 getting whooped, might get scored on again, 6 failed leaps, 4 failed dodges, might be frogs legs for dinner
yup, he scored a third time :(

So after this game, I was 1 win/1 loss (to the eventual champion) and hoping my next game might see my leaps/dodges work.  I ended up playing Pat who was to my right in game 2.


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Nuffle turns on us all at some point mate

Tristan said...

we're talking 180 degrees!! ;)

Axtklinge said...

That was tough.
Did you remember to sacrifice a player in Nuffle's name before the game?
It doesnt even need to be one of your players, just any player will do, Nuffle's not that picky...

Tristan said...

Damn I knew I forgot something. Next time I will sacrifice Leathans super player. Muhahahaha

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