Sunday, October 9, 2011

more painted stuff I had nothing to do with!!

Except providing the fig itself (in some cases!!)
left to right by; Axt, hakomike, AbraxiS
Here's a quick snap of three (count 'em, 3!) harlequins painted for me by others.  You can see who painted them in the caption, and likely know already - but in case you don't - the one in the middle I've posted about before, and was generously painted by Golden Daemon Winner Mike Howell (check out his blog / follow his twitter) and the others were generously painted by my good buddies AbraxiS (follow his twitter) & Axt from over at Merry Mayhem News. Thanks again Gents!!

These are added to my other two harlequins (1 needs some touching up) to form my Spire Brat pack for Necromunda (based on Anthony Cases rules). Five gives me a good start and considering how expensive their equipment is, could be enough for a whole gang - but if you know me at all I like choice!  There are at least four (count 'em 4!!!) harlequins out there around the world with some amount of paint on them and eventually headed for me!
Finally a special bonus was included in the package from those crazy Portuguese @ Merry Mayhem News.  Axt took it upon himself to build me a couple blood bowl counters/tokens.  I was surprised and excited to see there was more than the harlequins in the box that arrived.  The hand coming out of the ground even glows in the dark!  Am looking forward to using both of these at the upcoming blingtoof tournament here in Toronto (a goblin themed tournament where I am going to bring my undead with a few goblins, the orc counter will be my bribe!)
custom torne bane flaming ears counter & random orc-y counter
If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend trading some painting with people.  You end up with some pieces that are truly meaningful and have huge sentimental value, and you get the chance to paint up some stuff that may be outside your usual wheelhouse (I painted a cowboy and a "anime/manga" looking character for Dave of mini painting for free)

Currently on my dock, I have;
  • A goliath looking near future ganger type for arabianknight (from E4 miniatures I believe)
  • A zombie for Axts massive zombie collection (will be a "fan" of my Torne Bane Flaming Ears blood bowl team)
  • A skaven warplock engineer that arrived with the harlquin painted by Mike Howell.  Will definitely be using some staining methods for his fur!


Paul O'G said...

I cant even pretend to be a GD quality painter, but I'm looking forward to adding to your brat pack!

Sam Pate said...

As chance would have it I after a prolonged spell of not painting I actually managed to apply some paint to your Harlie this weekend! I'll get a quick WIP up so you can get an idea of where it's headed!

Tristan M said...

Looking forward to both if your additions! :-)

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