Friday, October 21, 2011

It's almost MAYHEM time aka off to Deathbowl IX

Well I completely failed at doing any painting at all on the team I wanted to bring this year (that I started painting immediately after last year - can you say EPIC fail???) but I feel I have sufficient excuse with how busy things have been (buying a house, staging our condo to sell, being the only guy left in our department at work) so I don't feel too bad about it - there's always next year!!  For any NAF members you can check out the NAF thread for more info if you are interested!

In the end I couldn't even decide on a single roster, so I am bringing both the slann and elf models and will see how things pan out over tonight.  I have 3 of my preferred rosters printed out (1 slann / 2 elf) which should be pretty sufficient to make a choice tonight.  If anything the slann would only change a single skill on one catcher so I can just cross that out.  If I end up re-doing the pro elf roster completely I could be in for some last minute scribbling!
who wouldn't wanna get their hands on this trophy!!
Just a quick update to remind everyone I will be doing some live tweeting during the games (should be easy when I have 3 turns to do nothing!!) probably with more pics since it's hosted at the T.O.s house - so wifi should be available.  Depending on how quickly my games finish I will either do individual game recaps, or possibly day 1 / day 2 recaps on both blogs. My goal is to try and improve upon my 6th place finish last year, note to self (if using slann) - diving catch provides +1 to catching accurate passes!!

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Axtklinge said...

Live tournment again!

Have tons of fun!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

That trophy is EPIC! Have tons of fun and good luck!!!

The Lad ad I are off to BLOCKtober tourney today :-0

Paul of the Man Cave said...

So how did it go????

Tristan said...

You can check out my tweets (check the left nav bar) for now - am still compiling them with the photos to create proper posts. Been busy with selling the condo this week so it could be a while.

I went 1 win, 1 tie, 2 losses (losses were to the 1st and 2nd place winners) so I don't feel too bad :)

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Well I hope the sale is going well mate.

I'd be chuffed with those results- never shameful to loose to 1st and 2nd place winners!
Well done mate :-)

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