Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deathbowl IX (year of the elf): Game 4 tweet recap

Sunday had the final game - I was all the way down on table 4 for the first time all tournament.  Was playing against Colin, who I had never met before - very classy dude - I got a little amped up when everyone on the table thought he'd dodged without being next to my blitzer with diving tackle (he had, and it saved me getting a 3rd loss as diving tackle knocked his chance to score down) - and he took it with class and good sportsmanship! Nothing less than I'd expect from most blood bowl coaches!

Mark (halflings) was to my left and Chris (dwarves) was to my right.  I've played them both before so there was plenty of trash talking and joking.

#db9g4 final game, slann vs slann and halfling vs dwarves gonna be a stoooopid game lol #bloodbowl
initial setup
#db9g4 fuckin halflings have scored twice, both thanks to throw team-mate :-@ #nufflelovestheunderdog
joked with the guys how all my pics were the setup - AFTER something happened
#db9g4 freaking dwarf intercepts my pass #damnyounuffle #whydoesnufflehateme
damn dwarves intercepted two of my passes
#db9g4 both slann teams manage to score, our game is tied, halflings still leading dwarves 2-0 #bloodbowl
more setup pics lol - blame the Chelsea game!
#db9g4 opponents slann intercepts a dwarf pass, then dwarves intercept my pass #nuffleowesmebig
second dwarf interception
#db9g4 dwarves scoring preserved my tie, just trying to screw the halflings chance to 1TT #dickmove
dick move complete!

So final tournament results for me were 1 win/2 losses/1 tie. Considering the two losses were to 1st/2nd place finishers I am happy with that.  Always difficult when you start tournaments with convincing wins, as it puts you against the better coaches.


Axtklinge said...

Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I find the concept of this team really cool.
I wouldn't mind playing against a team of goofy balls one bit.

And btw, not to take this too far off topic, but eriochrome has a great list of blood bowl miniature related posts!

Check it here:

eriochrome said...

Looks like you are playing against the same slann team that I have only painted.

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