Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deathbowl IX (year of the elf): Game 3 tweet recap

A quick recap of game 3.  By this time was pretty exhausted and it was taking most of my energy just to pay attention to the game.  A few quick updates were all I had in me.  After the first few updates I needed to focus on the game - only my opponent and I scored all game.  Unfortunately instead of ending up as a 3-3 tie, my opponent (Pat from my right in game 2) managed to score an extra touchdown in the last round of turns instead of going the other way (up until that point we'd been trading scoring). Well played to him.

#db9g3 on table two, against elves. #bloodbowl still trying to get the ball
back on the normal deathbowl boards
#db9g3 turn 6 hoping to work my way into scoring position /bloodbowl
pushing up the right side
#db9g3 managed a score passing to a lineman, all tied up 1-1. #whutupshun #bloodbowl
woot, managed to score passing to a lineman
#db9g3 only me and my opponent have scored, it's 3-2 to him right now. 1 turn to go, will take a miracle to get a tie
he managed to score again instead of me, grrrr

So after this game I was 1 win/2 losses (losses were to 1st place - Leathan and eventual 2nd place winner - Pat) so I didn't feel too bad about them but they definitely hurt me in terms of ranking/tournament place.

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