Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deathbowl IX (year of the elf): Game 1 tweet recap

Here's my recap of game 1.  I was fortunate enough to start on the top table (absolutely sweet table to play on) and it was my slann vs. Robs necromantic (no flesh golems) and Peters pro elves vs. Philippes wood elves.  I've played both Rob and Peter before, but this was Philippes first tournament (deathbowl to boot!).

A bit of his inexperience showed, and benefited me greatly - after winning the roll to go first, Philippe failed a "go for it" with reroll moving his second player - basically giving me first turn (though his treeman had a tackle zone on both balls)

#db9g1 game 1 of #deathbowlIX begins. went with the slann, it's all about leap baby!! #bloodbowl
first setup, pro elf on left, wood elf on right
#db9g1 slann in early control - holding both balls #whutupshun #bloodbowl @GDubToThaFeetUp
going first really gave the slann a huge edge
#db9g1 slann score on turn 4, possibly the earliest touchdown of the day #whutupshun #bloodbowl setup again already
pro elf & necro still have their turn 4, 1-0 slann!!
#db9g1 almost pull off the craziest pickup after scattering ball can't be caught by a bunch of pansy elves. #bloodbowl
at least four failed 4+ catch rolls by elven players
#db9g1 huge scrum in the middle of the board. nobody can hold onto a ball for long. #bloodbowl
slann are always a threat - even with few players on the pitch

Peter managed to score vs. Philippe in the closing turns of the first half, putting us both 1-0 over our opponents.  Things are a little hazy now but I think I recall trying to stop him as well because I'd protected myself from getting scored on by Rob - but it could be the other way round and I helped him to score so Rob couldn't!

#db9g1 setup after 3 turns due to slann pulling off a crazy passing play #whutupshun ps. I still had the other ball
only 7 slann left standing, still 2-0 up
#db9g1 2 elf teams going sideways controlling the balls. necro team can't win, just failed another go for it #bloodbowl
Rob just couldn't get any rolls to go his way this game
#db9g1 slann pull off another insane passing play, bringing the ball all the way across the pitch #whutupshun
if I had counted better I could've pushed one more last turn and scored a third.

After the above pic, Peter managed to knock over my player (the ball scattered into the endzone) and put three tackle zones on the ball, he then pushed for his own touchdown and failed with a "go for it" (2+ with reroll).  I nearly made it 3 touchdowns on my last turn by leaping onto the ball but failed the 5+ pickup with a 2.  That was ok though because Peter failed to get a second touchdown by failing another "go for it" (2+ with reroll) which brought a mighty cheer to our table.
twice Peter failed 2+ with reroll for a 2nd touchdown to tie me for the table

So after game one, I won 2-0 tied on casualties and stayed on the top table to face Leathan (the eventual tournament winner) and his norse team (with 2 ST5 Ulfs and a MV9 Sure Hands, Sure Feet, Dodge runner!!)


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Great start to the tourney - man that table is sweet!

Tristan said...

absolutely wicked table to play on. he's got another gorgeous on with a glass top and volcano underneath for standard 1v1 team play. uber jealous.

Axtklinge said...

Wow, that's a fantastic table!
+1 on the jealous thing.

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