Wednesday, April 17, 2013

surprise freebie!

I arrived home yesterday to find an anonymous gift in the mailbox.  I've asked around on facebook & twitter and nobody has copped to being the generous sender.  We have begun sharing the news so sharing this photo with you is an easy way to let everyone know we are expecting our first child late this year - hooray!!
appropriate or not? lol
Someone generously sent us this onesie from the zlurpcast cafepress shop. SWMBO explained it's for around a 6-8 month old so it might be a while but we will definitely share a pic in the future.  If you are the sender please let me know!  Thanks!


Tristan M said...

sender determined! wapcaplets!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Congrats on the fantastic news! Soon you will have your own Blood Bowl apprentice!

eriochrome said...

Awesome News. Hope everything goes smoothly.

Axtklinge said...

Fantastic news mate!
Congrats to you and your better half!

MIK said...

Bah! This is what happens when I forsake the blogs and only do instagram, I realize my mistake now.

CONGRATS! This is such awesome news, and old news by now at that. Very happy for you guys.

To be fair, GWP was one of my first stops when I decided to poke around the blogs again.

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