Sunday, April 7, 2013

Terrain: Necromunda Walkways pt4

After getting these all assembled, sprayed metallic and washed with inks - they still looked really clean and not very "underhive". So I decided I needed to add some junk to give them character. Here's one of the smaller what I call "gangways" - not sure why I've given it that name but just to differentiate from the walkways (still not digging the "catwalk" term)
left side
right side
What I did was take a bunch of various bits I had collected for making terrain and while I was spraying the trophies for the Canadian Open this year - I left them in a box behind what I was spraying.  So all the bits got some spray from gold, silver, bronze, and red.  Then I gave them a quick spritz with some grey and necrotic flesh.  Some got some green wash and some got some blue wash.  I mixed up these bits and glued them on, along with some bits of cloth and bits of bamboo sticks.

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